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Garden of Dreams Foundation
2011 NYC Marathon
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1.            How did you get involved in running?

                A:   Growing up I was always either at the dance studio practicing for an upcoming performance or cheering at a school football/basketball game.  In order to increase my strength and endurance as a dancer, running was a great way to cross train and relieve stress. When I entered college I became a Baylor “bearobics” instructor because I wanted to continue cheering on others around me through fitness and group exercise.  Although I’m more comfortable teaching high-intensity Zumba classes or slower paced Yoga cool downs, I’m really excited (and nervous) to run the NY Marathon this year. These past four years while living in Texas I’ve always been the person local marathons would call to warm up their runners before a big race, but now I’m running in their shoes!

2.            How long has running been a hobby?

                A: It’s been a part of my cross training for about 10 years. 

3.            Is this your first marathon?

                A:  This is indeed my first marathon but I hope it will serve as a catalyst for more marathon participation in my future.

4.            How are you able to balance training and work?

                A:  Well, I moved to New York three weeks ago so it’s been interesting finding a good schedule that works for me. One of my mentors at Baylor recommended the Jeff Galloway Training Program a few years back that requires 3 days of walk/run interval training and three days of cross training throughout the week. I’ve been able to get my runs in either before work or on the weekends; getting lost in the city and trying to find my way around has served as my cross training EVERDAY.

5.            What does it mean to you to be a part of the “Dream Team”?

                A:  Interning with the Garden of Dreams Foundation my last semester before I graduate in December is the cherry on top of a wonderful college experience. I’m so thankful for all the people who have invested in me over the years, and it’s such a rewarding experience to be able to invest in kids lives both physically and financially through this marathon. The “Dream Team” personifies passion, collaboration, and responsibility which pave the way for social service—it’s a privilege to be a part of this team.

6.            What is the first thing you’re going to do after you cross the finish line on November 6th?

                A:  Thank God for allowing me to cross the finish line and then immediately call my family back in Arkansas to tell them I love them!


7.            How do you beat boredom on long runs?

                A: Jam out to my Zumba music J 

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